“Leaving your troubles behind, enter the exquisite realm of music making.”
The Musician’s Way,
 p. 6

The beginnings of practice sessions set in motion everything that follows.

When we start with clear intentions, we accomplish more in the shortest time.

Here are ideas for launching each practice session with optimal focus.
1. Specify Goals in the 5 Practice Zones
Pinpoint objectives for working on repertoire in your New, Developing, and Performance Material Zones. Identify aims in both the Technique and Musicianship Zones. See “The Power of Specific Goals.”

I’ve found that many musicians benefit from organizing their practice using the Practice Sheets and Logs freely available on the Downloads page at MusiciansWay.com.

2. Warm Up Wholeheartedly
Take about 10-15 minutes to center yourself and then bring all of your mental, physical, and musical faculties into alignment.

In “The Total Warm-Up,” I spell out a framework to organize your preparatory routines.

3. Tackle Small Tasks
Move from one manageable task to another, solving problems, and limiting repetition.

From the first minutes that you practice, pick small enough goals that you establish a sense of accomplishment.

4. Honor the Creative Process
Embrace challenges as portals to growth, recognizing that creativity involves striving and going beyond the realms of comfort.

Most of all, adopt an attitude of love and reverence for music. Then, your every gesture will resonate with spirit.

The Musician’s Way articulates inclusive practice guidelines for musicians of diverse interests and abilities. It’s now on sale at Amazon.com with the e-book costing as little as $2.99!

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