photo of solo violinist playing with ease“Playing is never difficult; it is either easy, or it is impossible.”
-Kato Havas, violinist (The Musician’s Way, p. 21)

We all love how it feels to play or sing with ease.

That sense of freedom we enjoy when physical tension melts away and mental focus expands.

Here are 7 ways to instill easeful habits in practice and on stage.

  1. Lengthen and Release
    Allow your neck and spine to lengthen; release unneeded muscular tension.
  2. Minimize Pressure
    Employ a light touch, and aim for a sense of buoyancy in your limbs.
  3. Learn Deeply
    Establish profound clarity in practice so that you can perform accurately with little effort.
  4. Feel Ahead
    Conceive of each upcoming phrase before you execute it – hear and feel ahead.
  5. Commit
    Bring a fearless conviction to every musical gesture.
  6. Be Generous
    On stage, give wholeheartedly to your audience and to the emotions in the music.
  7. Trust
    As you perform, trust in your preparation and your ability to grow as an artist. Not every performance will be problem-free, but every moment that we have to make music is a moment to treasure.

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