woman practicing piano“Nothing motivates better than success.”
The Musician’s Way, p. 107

Do you typically finish practice sessions feeling that you’ve achieved meaningful goals?

If not, these tips can help you invigorate your practice with clarity and accomplishment.

  1. Tackle Attainable Goals
    Use the likes of a practice sheet to map out goals in several practice zones, and then work on one task after another, racking up steady accomplishments. If most of what you practice feels difficult, set the hard material aside, and choose accessible music.
  2. Manage Repetition
    Make each chunk of music short enough and your tempos slow enough that you can be secure with a passage in about 3 repetitions. Then, connect small chunks into larger phrases. See Chapter 3 of The Musician’s Way for guidelines to manage repetition and tempo in practice.
  3. Interleave Practice Tasks
    Instead of completing all of your goals in a single practice zone before proceeding to another one (blocked practice), experiment with moving back and forth between zones and tasks. So-called interleaved practice has been shown to boost learning.
  4. Incorporate Active Breaks
    To avoid overuse injuries, it’s crucial that we take breaks during practice – at least 5 minutes of rest after 25 minutes of practice. During breaks, if we aren’t mentally fatigued, we can use those 5 minutes to review what we’ve done and consider subsequent goals, thereby staying focused and making our breaks productive.
  5. Conclude by Specifying Fresh Goals
    Wrap up every practice session by preparing for the next one. Whether you write down goals or catalog them mentally, the goal-setting process primes you to be continually creative.

The Musician’s Way presents comprehensive practice and performance guidelines that musicians worldwide have embraced.

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